Evans Scholarship For International Students 2023

The Evans Scholarship is a full tuition fee and housing system college scholarship for high- and best-achieving caddies with limited financial means. Evans Scholarship For International Students To qualify for this scholarship, caddies must meet the requirements of having a strong and good caddie record, excellent academics, demonstrated financial and payment needs, and outstanding character as students.

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Applicants can apply for scholarships as early as their senior year of high school or as early as their freshman year of college.

The entire application system – including supporting documents like evaluations, important recommendation letters, good transcripts, test scores, a CSS profile, and more FAFSA information – is expected to be completed by October 15. Once the application has been submitted, the College Scholarship Committee will begin reviewing it and checking all required information. Evans Scholarship For International Students Finalists will be interviewed by the Scholarship Committee, and the Committee will make the final selection. April 1 is the deadline for all decisions.


Please direct all questions to [email protected].

Scholarship Requirements:

  • Strong caddie record: Candidates must have caddied regularly at their sponsoring club the year before applying and be expected to caddie at that club the following year.
  • Excellent academics: Applicants must have earned a B average in college preparatory courses during their junior year of high school. The ACT and SAT will be optional for 2022 applicants.
  • Demonstrated financial need: Applicants must clearly have a need for financial assistance.
  • Outstanding character: Applicants must be outstanding in character, integrity, and leadership.

Application Timeline:

August 1: Application available online. Review the information on the website.

October 1: CSS Financial Aid Profile becomes available. Please complete the CSS Profile online and submit it to CSS along with the required fee as soon as possible. The Evans Scholars Foundation CSS code is 0153. You can also file the FAFSA online on October 1. Please submit a copy of your completed FAFSA Federal Student Aid Report with the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) number when it becomes available.

October 15: Applications are expected to be completed, including all supporting documents (completed CSS Profile, FAFSA Federal Student Aid Report, High School Evaluation, Caddie Evaluation, letters of recommendation, high school transcript, and test scores).

April 1: All application decisions are finalized.

Links & Evaluation Forms:

CSS Financial Aid Profile

FAFSA Application

Application Information

High School Evaluation Form

Caddie Evaluation Form